Good Life Halfsy Half Marathon 

Notification Reminders & Detour Maps

Dear Neighbor,

On Sunday November 3, 2019, 6,500 Runners from nearly 50 states are running 13.1 miles across the city on roads and trails from Seacrest Field to the West Haymarket in the 5th annual Good Life Halfsy. It is our hope that you will find the Good Life Halfsy an entertaining and spectator friendly event and great for the Lincoln community

The event has quickly grown to a major event for the City of Lincoln. Now a City Co-Sponsored event, we will not only host 6,500 runners, but nearly 15,000 spectators, over 500 volunteers and hundreds of sponsors and vendors help provide nearly a $3 million economic impact to our city.


We have worked closely with the Lincoln Police, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works departments to create a route that takes in some of the best parts of our city while attempting to minimize impact as much as possible to the city. The detour map below will help determine when runners will be in your area:

We have created an interactive map with suggested driving routes to best avoid closed roads on race day.

The race starts at 8:30 a.m from Seacrest field and will run down 70th St. through Fox Hollow Neighborhood before making its way to Pioneers Blvd and into Holmes Park. From there, runners will be on Normal Blvd and Capital Parkway before merging onto the Antelope Valley Trail. Other areas that will see detours include, Innovation Campus, North Bottoms (primarily New Hampshire + 10th St.) as well as Haymarket Park and Canopy Street.


We are confident that this can be an extremely fun experience for you. We often have neighborhood residents participate as runners, spectators and volunteers. You too can get involved with one of the following ideas:

  • Set up your own aid station and offer water, orange slices, candy etc.
  • Get the kids involved, make signs and find the ideal spot to cheer on the runners!
  • Create a banner to place along the course welcoming runners to your neighborhood.
  • You can also volunteer here >>


Entire Course Detour Map

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